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Bobtails Pre-school, Horley ~ FAQ


1. How do I contact the Pre-School at either setting?

Bobtails Horley Infants: 01293 784701 (mobile for emergencies 07941 532420)

Bobtails St Francis Church Hall:  01293 775534 (mobile for emergencies 07852 627339)

You can also email us via this web site (see contact page).

2. What is the management structure at Bobtails?

Bobtails is a charity incorporated organisation (CIO).  This means that a board of Trustees (parents or ex parents) form the board.  We are also a non-profit making organisation, therefore all the money that comes into Bobtails is spent straight out on running costs.  Both settings are run by Justine Palmer, who has been the manager for over 18 years.  Justine has an Assistant Manager at both settings, followed by Team Leaders.  Justine is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead and SENCO and her Assistant Managers are her Deputy Safeguarding leads and SENCO.   Justine’s Assistant Managers have worked alongside Justine for over 10 years.  Since Justine has been the Manager of Bobtails she has achieved Ofsted Outstanding judgements at every inspection.

3. Does my child have to be toilet trained?

No, we recognise that every child is different, therefore we work with you on this.   You will need to provide nappies and wipes for your child and spare clothes.

4. What do I need to bring?

Please bring a clearly named drawstring bag with comforters, sun hat (summer), spare clothes, nappies & wipes if needed and a named waterproof coat with named wellies.

5. What happens if I am unable to collect my child?

Only nominated people that have been agreed with management can collect your child.  If it is an emergency or impromptu change the child's parent will need to call us giving us permission for that person to collect. This must be done via a phone call speaking to a member of staff as a password will need to be given.

6. How do you deal with disruptive behaviour?

Bobtails uses positive reinforcement and role modelling with all children in accordance of our behaviour policy to scaffold desirable behaviours and learning.

7. How secure are your Premises?

Our premises are completely secured and fenced-in at both locations. The main front doors at St Francis church hall are always securely looked .  At both settings, garden gates are securely locked, and all entrances are secured, supervised or locked at all times. All children and visitors must be signed in upon arrival for security purposes.

8. Who do I speak to if I have any concerns?

When your child joins Bobtails, they will be allocated a key worker, you can always speak to them in confidence. Alternatively, Justine (Manager) or Jane – Assistant Manager at St Francis or Jo Jo – Assistant Manager at Horley Infants are always available. You can also email Justine on either email addressed.  Only Justine has access to these email accounts.

9. How long do I have to keep my child of Pre-School after illness?

48 hours from the last occurrence of sickness and upset tummy before returning to Pre-school. For other illness please call us for guidance on our Pre-school policies, these may be different from your G.P’s advice. If your child has a temperature or is under the weather needing regular calpol type medication, please keep them at home.

10. Can you give mediation to my child? 

No, unless it is lifesaving medication that has been provided by your G.P.  This includes Ventolin Inhalers/ Epi pens.  If your child has been prescribed this type of medication you will need to complete a Care Plan with Justine before your child returns to Pre-school.  

11. New medication / Antibiotics / Injections

If your child has been prescribed antibiotics they are required to stay at home until the course has been completed.  If they are taking any new medication or are having injections including the pre-school booster / holiday injections / flu vaccination they are required to stay at home for 48 hours after they have been given it.  This is in case they have an adverse reaction to the medication. 

12. Do I still have to pay even when my child is on holiday or off sick?

Yes, and please notify the Pre-school of any holiday dates in advance.

13. Do I need to notify the Pre-school when my child is not attending their sessions?

Yes, you are required to phone in on their first day of absence and contact us again on each day they are absent. A record of absence is kept by the Pre-school in line with safeguarding duty of care and legislation applicable to claiming the free entitlement. We will contact you if we do not hear from you.